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***21 days of real food: no measuring, no calorie counting***

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***90 Page Reset Manual with TONS of resources as well as amazing, simple recipes to get you RESULTS!***

***Private Facebook Group to post and share***

***Full access to Coach Scotty – a 24 year veteran Personal Trainer, Bestselling Author, Speaker***

***Average Fat Loss is 6 to 7 lbs in 21 days***


Check out the quick video below explaining it all including the price of course

(hint: it’s less than a nice supper for 2).

Warrior Code Training Presents: The 21 Day Nutrition Reset



I thought August would be a month off due to everyone being away etc, but everyone is asking for it, so the next 21 day program

STARTS Monday, October 3rd, 2022.

Zoom Call will be announced for the week prior

(don’t panic – we record it)

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    What others said, after being asked what their “NSV: Non (weigh) Scale Victory” is after just 15 days…

    Check out Steven! now down 72 pounds!!!